Hyun su sweet home actor

Netflix 's original series ' Sweet Home ' begins with a scene where a reclusive high school student Cha Hyun Soo moves into an apartment complex. Song Kang is the actor behind the protagonist Cha Hyun Soo.

In a recent video interview with the actor, Song Kang stated, " I can't believe the drama is receiving so much praise, I'm so honored to be the main character of a masterpiece. The series is based on the popular webtoon of the same title and gained much attention as the director who directed ' Goblin ' and ' Mr.

Sunshine ' also directed the Netflix series. He stated in the interview, " I felt burdened when I heard about the high production cost, but the director said he trusted me and encouraged me to only think about the character of Hyun Soo and his evil monster counterpart. However, I thought that would make it harder for me to express the character. So I decided to think more simply. When I acted as the reclusive Hyun Soo, I tried to reach into my introverted side, and I tried to bring out my wicked side when acting as the monster Hyun Soo.

I think I concentrated on smiling wickedly as the monster Hyun Soo. Song Kang contemplated a lot trying to depict the socially-disconnected highschool student. He revealed that he had to research and put much thought into each scene. He even wrote a journal about the scenes he was not too satisfied with. I was satisfied with those scenes, but I thought I could better show the resentment he had toward his family during the car scene.

Song Kang stated he could not just mimic the emotions but had to project them from within. He also paid close attention to the external factor to visually express the tendency of a secluded high school student. Although Song Kang has a masculine physique but had to change his posture by curling his shoulders and crouching as much as he can to look feeble.

Song Kang also lost weight for the role as well as he wore mismatching socks.

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Song Kang revealed his reasons for wearing the mismatched socks saying, " I felt Hyun Soo wouldn't be detailed enough or care enough to match his socks especially if he doesn't want to live further. I actually thought it would be weird if Hyun Soo has matching socks.

hyun su sweet home actor

Log in to comment. He played the role so well! I was truly impressed and can't wait to watch his future works! We all know the apocalyptic storylines, but his acting drew a different attention. I'm hoping for a second season! Night Mode. Posted by AmieAmore 30 days ago.

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Fans want these male actors to make a comeback in Group members who are the same age and have Golden Chemistry. Han So Hwee recovering after suffering injury on 'Undercover' set. Netizens react coldly to the news that Park Yoochun will be starting his own YouTube channel.As humans turn into savage monsters and wreak terror, one troubled teen and his apartment neighbors fight to survive — and to hold on to their humanity. Cha Hyun-su moves into the run-down Green Home by himself.

Not long after, he witnesses a disturbing sight in his neighbor's apartment. As a state of emergency is declared, the residents tie up Pyeon Sang-wook for being bitten. Hyun-su is unable to ignore a family in distress. An unexpected savior protects the children from harm as Hyun-su, together with Yoon Ji-su and Jung Jae-heon, tries to bring them to safety.

Critical information about the monsters is made public. When residents are split on what to do with Hyun-su, Lee Eun-hyeok suggests they hold a vote. Tasked to carry out dangerous missions, Hyun-su heads back to retrieve Han Du-sik.

Sang-wook stops at nothing to finish what he started. An Seon-yeong confronts the greatest monster in her life. Hyun-su saves the others from a deadly attack. Running out of necessities, Eun-hyeok announces a plan to venture outside for resources.

Having little options in her state of being, Ji-su agrees to take a big risk. Yi-kyung returns to Green Home just in time. When a team of outlaws take over the building, the residents are shown how humans can be even more barbaric than the monsters. A military leaflet promises a route to safety, but the group is reluctant to trust it.

hyun su sweet home actor

Hyun-su is exposed to a new perspective on his condition. Call Netflix Netflix. Watch all you want. Song Kang "Love Alarm" faces danger around every corner in this monster thriller based on the webtoon of the same name. Videos Sweet Home.

[ENG SUB] Netflix 'Sweet Home' Behind The Scenes Stories

Season 1 Trailer: Sweet Home.Hyun Cha is the main protagonist of Sweet Home. Hyun is a human infected with the monsterizationbut fights back against both his impending mutation and the monsters that have overtaken the world. His weapon of choice is a handmade electric spear, powered by a large battery that he carries in his backpack.

Hyun had a rather happy childhood. Up until his high school years, he was the pride of his family. However, in high school he was targeted by a rich bully who made sure that Hyun was socially excluded.

Eventually, even his own sister started excluding him by claiming that he wasn't her brother.

Cha Hyun-Su

His parents never took action regarding any of the bullying. One of the most significant sources of Hyun's trauma occurred after the bully told another student that if he jumped in front of a car, the bully would pay for his mom's surgery.

Upon seeing this, Hyun got angry and pushed the bully in front of a passing car which would have hit him if it did not stop in time. Since Hyun's father worked in the bully's father's company, he was fired. Additionally, the student who was supposed to jump in front of the car blamed Hyun for the death of his mom.

Eventually, Hyun refused to go to school any more and started hating everyone around him, including his family. He fell into suicidal thoughts and developed a history of self harm. Hyun has unkempt, short black hair. He usually wears sneakers, jeans, a tee shirt, and a zip-up hoodie. In both the past and present, he has shown to have attracted the romantic attention of at least three girls, suggesting he might be considered relatively physically attractive.

Similar to his appearance in the manhwa, Hyun wears a black hoodie along with his undershirt and dark pants. When he is first introduced, he has longish black hair which is notably untidy in appearance.

In a later episode, he cuts it to a shorter length. When first introduced, as a result of the trauma of bullying, Hyun initially is extremely anti-social and nice to everyone around him. He prefers his online life over the real world. He strongly resented everyone around him, including his own family. He is direct and blunt. He is a strong fan of anime and video games. Following the tragic death of his family, he begins to realize what he has lost and becomes suicidal.

During the apocalypse, however, Hyun realizes he wants to live and slowly starts connecting with other people again. He still, however, has difficulty socializing, perhaps out of having isolated himself for so long. Hyun is perceptive and has a remarkably strong will, which helps him hold off the effects of complete monsterization. However, his Inner Monster is very persistent at getting Hyun to turn, and the constant stress and trauma and the Inner Monster's constant attempts appear to be slowly whittling away at Hyun, as it appears Hyun has to exert more effort each time the monster tries to take over to stay human.

Eventually, Hyun grows to appreciate life again and make friends.

hyun su sweet home actor

Hyun is introduced as an extreme social recluse, shunning even a family vacation. Upon learning his family had died, Hyun attends the funeral, but only vents his bitterness. He later moves into Green Roof Apartments where he resolves to live until October 25, which is when the final movie of his favorite anime comes out.

After watching the movie he planned to take his life.Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan, which recorded over 1.

Following the death of his family in an accident, loner Cha Hyun-soo moves to a new apartment. His quiet life is soon disrupted by strange incidents that start occurring in his new building. As people turn into monsters which take the form of their hidden desires, Hyun-soo and other residents try to survive. Director Lee Eung-bok "roughly" knew the ending of the Line Webtoon on which the series is based before the later released its last chapter in Julythough he decided to "differ a bit from the webtoon because [they're] showing on different platforms.

Lee Eung-bok revealed that, during Song Kang's audition, the actor reminded him of Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands : "an image of someone who has a pure and innocent soul but is holding a spear in his hand.

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She trained for six months prior to filming the series. Principal photography began in September and filming was completed in February On November 18,Netflix released a trailer for the series announcing that Sweet Home would premiere on December The series drew attention among viewers for its portrayal of strong female characters.

On this, director Lee Eung-bok said that "[he] know[s] some of the viewers were anticipating more gore, but [he] hope[s] they will understand why monsters were absent from some parts of our drama.

The action is superb, to say the least, and the drama is endearing at various levels. It just swaps out the zombies for monsters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Drama Horror Apocalyptic. Studio Dragon Studio N. Sports Chosun in Korean. Retrieved December 20, Retrieved December 22, The Korea Herald. The Korea Times.

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Korea JoongAng Daily. Netflix Media.

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Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved December 23, The Chosun Ilbo. December 17, GMA News Online. Retrieved November 19, Retrieved December 27, Retrieved January 21, The Times of India.His character used to be a medical student showing off his charisma in the moments of desperation through his quick judgment.

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There have been much-divided opinions over his character as many loved and hated him for using Cha Hyun Soo as a means of survival. However, many viewers were left hanging when the last episode of season one hinted at Lee Eun Hyuk's death. I also thought a lot about what is going to happen to Eunhyuk since we don't know if his bleeding at the end is nose bleed or not.

Also, he could have died when the building fell on him. I think it would be good to also appear as a monster that saves people alongside Pyeong Sang Wook. But I'm not sure if I'll appear in season two or not, so I'm afraid I will be disappointed when I don't. I think the decision on my appearance in season two depends on the director, but I definitely want to participate if I am cast for season 2.

Unlike the existing zombie monster movies where zombies become monsters when a person is bitten, the monsterization process in 'Sweet Home' is random. Also, the shape or characteristics of the monster depends on the person's inner desires. So, Lee Do Hyun said he might be a guardian angel figure if he were to turn into a monster. He explained, " I think Eunhyuk is a person who only cares for his younger sister Eun Yoo.

When Eunhyuk makes an announcement asking all survivors to come to the first floor, he was actually directing the message to his sister. Eunhyuk is a character that can lay down everything for his younger sister. Unlike the webtoon, Eun Hyuk and Eun Yoo are adoptive siblings. Lee Do Hyun said, " Even though they are not real blood siblings, I still felt a fondness and brotherly love towards Eun Yoo.

I would say I wanted to protect her more. I think I was convinced how much he cared for his sister when she said he gave up medical school and worked part-time jobs to make sure his sister was able to continue her ballet. Eun Hyuk definitely thought of Eun Yoo as his family, even if they are not blood-related.

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I did hear some say we didn't seem like siblings, but I tried my best to act like her older brother. Actor Lee Do Hyun debuted in through the tvN drama 'Prison Playbook' and has emerged as the hottest actor in his twenties in the entertainment industry. Lee Do Hyun concluded the interview by saying, " I thank everyone who showed much interest in me and supported me. I always have the heart to become a better actor for my fans who show their love for me. I want to be an actor who can show various sides to my acting through different works.

The character of Eun Hyuk was different from the other characters I've acted so far. I think the best compliment I can hear is 'You're good at acting this kind of character as well. Log in to comment. I hope he will be back, next to Hyun Soo, Eun Hyuk had the most compelling storylines and relationships with the survivors. Plus he deserves to know a bit how Hyun Soo felt changing and being helpess to stop it.

hyun su sweet home actor

Maybe even save Hyun Soo this time. This show has virtually everything: very high production values, great atmosphere, good special effects, very interesting main story line etc etc but for some reason I could not be bothered to keep watching after episode 6 or so Maybe because this series reminded me too much of the movie Quarantine based on the spanish horror movie serie: Rec but with too many LONG facial shots of people standing completely frozen while 'stuff' happens right in front of them.

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Sweet Home

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