Lfe subwoofer cable best buy

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Many are available as custom orders so you can order exactly the length you need, helping with subwoofer placement. Product Type Subwoofer Cable. Custom Length No Yes. Length m 0. First Previous 1 2 3 4 Next Last. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. View Product View Bundles. View Product. Showroom Find out more about our fantastic demo facility.

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Free Delivery On all orders, to most UK addresses.Available to ship. There is no manufacturer content to show for this product. Of the 96 reviewers who responded, 79 would recommend this product. There was an annoying humming noise that could be heard.

I thought the subwoofer was defective, thus returning it for a replacement. When I hooked up the replacement subwoofer with the cable, the noise was still there. I then purchased a MonsterSW Subwoofer Cable, and when I connected it to the subwoofer the humming noise was completely gone. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this cable. I have not been able to find my good connector yet from a recent move.

I bought this value connector as a stop gap until I find the right box. Seems to do the job pretty well. Typically I would give something like this 5 stars based on value proposition, but there is something about the build that leaves me wondering about durability. Bought this and used it to connect my sub. All paths required me to pull the cabe near other speaker wirrs or AC power cords.

Once I bought another shielded cable and ran it through the same path, the noise issues were cured. May be fine if run far away from other cables but would recommend buying a shielded cable else where for about the same price. Shop online for pickup or delivery, or visit a store for a safe shopping and service experience.

Learn more. Write your review. Get a clear signal transmission to your home theatre system with this 4. It features a nickel-plated connector that minimises signal distortion and jitter to maintain high-quality bass. This cable is designed to be compatible with most subwoofers with RCA jacks. Add to Cart. Sold and shipped by Best Buy. Unavailable for store pickup This product is currently unavailable to pick up at nearby stores. Check other stores.

Carries high-quality bass signals to your subwoofer Nickel-plated connector ensures minimal signal distortion and loss to provide premium-quality audio Compatible with most subwoofers with RCA jacks 4.

Cable Bag. Ratings 4.

lfe subwoofer cable best buy

Rating Breakdown 5. Key Considerations Averages based on how reviewers feel this product performs. Ease of Use:. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Explore all Reviews Write Your Review.

See helpful questions and answers from shoppers like you. See our return policy to find specific return information for this product and steps on how to return in-store or by mail.Audio cables are like the forgotten stepchild of audio electronics.

Most shoppers focus their attention on high-profile products like the audio source smartphone, MP3 player, turntable, receiver, etc. But there's a crucial component in this audio equation that's easy to overlook, and that's the audio cable. Whether you're setting up a surround sound system or simply looking for a way to connect your MP3 player to a portable speakerhere are the main factors you should consider while shopping for an audio cable.

This may seem obvious, but it's an easy thing to overlook. If you're connecting two components that are a set length apart, like a home theatre receiver and a subwoofer, you'll need to get a cable that's long enough for the job. Take a piece of string and run it between the two components, then measure the length of the string and you'll know how long a cable you need to pick up.

If you'd prefer to extend your current cable a little longer, look for an extension cable to cover that last little bit of distance. Audio extension cables are especially useful for headphones, especially if you like to jive and jitterbug around the room while listening to your swing music playlist. The wire gauge is a number that indicates a cable's thickness and resistance — the lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire.

It seems kind of counterintuitive, but it is what it is. Thicker wires are labeled 12 or 14 gauge, while thinner wires can go to 18 gauge. Generally speaking, the longer distance you need to cover, the thicker the wire should be and the lower the gauge number.

Cables are very useful. Unfortunately, they can also get messy and unsightly, especially if you've got a lot of them lying around. Accessories like cable ties and banana connectors can be used to turn a bird's nest of cables into a much more organized and better looking system.

The type of audio cable you choose will usually be determined by the ports that are built into the components you're connecting. Here's a brief rundown of some of the most common types:. If you've connected any audio equipment over the past forty years or so, you've probably seen these cables with the bright red and white connectors.

The two colours represent the left and right audio channels and many older audio products are equipped with these RCA ports.

Subwoofer cables are slightly different. Since they only carry a mono not stereo signal, they only include a single connector instead of two. Also called stereo minijack ports, the 3.By TobiasApril 5, in Subwoofers. Hi guys, I just recently buy an RSW as a second subwoofer in my set up, and I want your opinions about a good subwoofer cable.

Look for one that is long enough, shielded enough, and with average to good construction. I am not sure what is available in Argentina or what cables cost but find something like this or something similar. Let me clarify. The subwoofer only covers frequencies from let's say 15Hz to Hz. Okay, it sounded good when I typed it.

In other words, a cable that will do what is asked of it. Not only that, but the subwoofer cable is just carrying electrons electricity from the receiver to the subwoofer, but I don't think it's amplified like it is in speaker cables aren't subwoofers powered internally? So, the cable just has to be good enough to carry the electrical signal from the receiver to the subwoofer, just like how the cables you use from the source be it CD player, MP3 player, whatever only have to be good enough to carry the signal to the receiver.

Therefore, the quality of the cable is more about how long it will last in harsher climates, or how well it will resist unusually high amounts of interference from other things - or how well it maintains signal integrity over a very long distance like, feet or something. So, just get a good one, but don't spend too much on the over-hyped ones. Oh, and it does NOT have to be advertised as "a subwoofer cable".

That's marketing hype, and it's B. The job of the cable is no different than any other: to carry the electrons from the source to the destination. So, all you need is something like this:. I don't know if they ship to Argentina or if it would even be financially wise to order from them if they DID what if shipping costs a fortune? The thicker wire gauge here 18 AWG for RG6 and 22 AWG or RG59 is good for extremely long cable runs, but it has no added benefit when used for the most common length of cable runs in most home theater setups.

So what about ALL the "subwoofer cables" reviews on Amazon? As a matter of fact I have before used RCA video cables for my subwoofer with no problems at all. Pretty much one that reaches. That's "The Placebo Effect". If you were to strip the jacket off of a "subwoofer cable" and compare it to these other cables that you can use, then you'd find that they are pretty much identical inside.

Consider this: you can use plain old lamp cord the power cord for lamps as speaker wire because the term "sound signal" is just a simpler way of saying "electricity that gets sent to the speakers and vibrates the drivers in those speakers for the purpose of vibrating the air so that we can hear it as sound". So, it's not that sound is being sent through the speaker wires or subwoofer cables, it's that electricity is being passed through them.

This is why you can use a USB port to do different things, like provide sound to a device or to recharge a device. The only difference is how that electricity is used by whatever is "requesting" it. So, just like MonoPrice is saying in that FAQ section that I asked you to read, calling a cable "a subwoofer cable" is marketing hype. It's bait. They want you to buy their cable so that you don't give your money to someone else selling the exact same type of cable under it's TRUE name, which is far more complex than just "a subwoofer cable".

Again, this is a subwoofer cable:. As you can see though, it's not just for subwoofers.

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If you were to buy "a subwoofer cable", then you'd be getting this exact same type of cable. You could use it for all the same things as this cable. Actually, if you were to buy "a subwoofer cable", then it would probably look more like this just to fool all potential customers:. I mean, look at the difference. Which one would you rather have?

lfe subwoofer cable best buy

Knowing what you know now though, I am hoping that you would rather have the first one because there's no additional benefits other than maybe the cable lasting longer in harsher climates and harsher setups.Skip to main content. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Amazon Best Sellers Our most popular products based on sales.

Updated hourly. Best Sellers in Subwoofer Cables. Element-Hz Subwoofer Cable 4 Meter, High Grade Subwoofer Cable, 3 Meters, 9. EMK Subwoofer Cable 3. High Grade Subwoofer Cable, 6 Meters, EMK Subwoofer Cable 9. Total Signal Premium 50' Subwoofer Cable. EMK Subwoofer Cable 6. New Releases in Subwoofer Cables. Most Wished For in Subwoofer Cables. Gift Ideas in Subwoofer Cables. Back to top.

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Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. Ive read that their is really no difference between the two cables Post edited by jojomgee on July July edited July Rca cables are used for connecting a Pre out to a amplifier, If you sub is a powered sub then any rca cable will work fine, and like any other cable, the better quality cable the beter sound. A pre amp out is an rca connection, and this is what a sub out connection is on the back of your reciever.

Like when a car explodes, rather than putting that sound on the main speaker tracks they have a LFE track which carries the specific sound that was made for a sub. Hope this helps. Harman kardon signature 2. Thats pretty much what i figured sir Some use Coax design for the benefits of long run shielding. Some use Twisted pair for this very same reason. RCA design cables can be Pairs or Coax design.

For audio you will see more Twisted pair or Pair design cable. Cable companies have many wild ideas on how to get the job done in the best fashion so a standard is not for audio. When you talk to these companiesthey all have strong opinions on what works best.

lfe subwoofer cable best buy

For the end user just pick good quality cables designed for the use you intend on using them and for the most part you'll be completely fine. It's only the few who seek the very best quality and reproduction value and spare no expense. Dan My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time. Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! Sign In Register.Forums New posts Search forums. E-Books E-Books Quicklinks. Get our latest product reviews and AV stories emailed to you weekly Subscribe.

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lfe subwoofer cable best buy

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Subwoofer Cables

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Getting the right Subwoofer cable Hide sidebar Show sidebar. Thread starter Joseman37 Start date Feb 24, Joseman37 Audioholic Intern.

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Hi there. Thank you!! Joseman37 said:. William Lemmerhirt Audioholic Warlord. Yeah, just use a single. Use 1 in the LFE input,if you use the splitter it will not bypass the subs crossover.

Bucknekked Audioholic Field Marshall. My sub doesn't have LFE input. Well that settles it.

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