Patlu patlu ki jodi video song

If we talk about the character of Motu Patlu cartoon then in this cartoon you see Motu and Patlu as the main characters. These two friends always get into some big trouble, but still, luck is with them and they survive. Apart from these two characters, some other characters are also seen such as Ghasita Ram, Inspector Chingam and Doctor Jhaka.

If we talk about Motu Aur Patlu Cartoon Series, then it is a comedy series, apart from this its creative director name is Ronjoy Chakraborty. Its music director is Sandesh Sandhya and its producer is Deepa Shah. Motu Patlu ki Jodi is a firm friend of Furfuri city, who is always stuck in some trouble. Motu loves Samosas very much, and he always remembers Samosas even in times of trouble. Apart from this, Patlu is always seen helping Motu. Apart from these two, Ghasitaram, Inspector Chingam and Dr.

Jhaka are also seen helping each other. Motu also becomes much more powerful after eating samosas for a while. All these characters also have a major enemy known as John the Don. John sometimes thinks of becoming a don but Motu Patlu spoils all his planning.

patlu patlu ki jodi video song

Motu is one of the two main characters, and he is much thicker in appearance. Motu likes to eat samosas very much.

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Patlu is much slimmer in appearance and likes to drink more tea. Patlu is always seen giving opinions to his friends Motu and the people of Furfuri Nagar. Jhaka is a friend of Motu and Patlu, and always invents something new.

Jhaka always appears to harass Motu and Patlu along with his best friend Ghasitaram. Ghasitaram is a photographer and loves rasgulla food. John is a thief and always thinks of stealing in the town of Furfuri, but Motu Patlu always spoils his plan and hands him over to Inspector Chingam. If you also liked this article of ours, then do like and share.

All of you can give us your opinion with the help of the comment box. Once again happy Makar Sankranti, and a very happy Republic Day. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go to top. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Must Read. Yogesh Kuradiya - December 13, 0. Friends, if you do some work with hard work, and you have to be honest in it, then nothing can stop you from moving December 6, November 30, October 21, October 20, All Rights Reserved.The story plays around Motu along with Patlu; two faithful friends are living in Furfuri Nagar, along with their daily basis activities.

The series focuses on both landing themselves in trouble and funny drama, later being rescued only by luck. Chingum Sir is another funny police officer in motu patlu cartoons who always face problems when he tries to help motu patlu in any way. Chingum siris another famous character in these cartoons who always ride, but when he meets with motu and patlu, he becomes injured by helping them.

John always comes with his two fatty helpers who have always beaten him very badly, and they always put him troubles. His plans consistently fail quite poorly and consequently wind up in him getting arrested or calmed by other men and women. He always sings some nonsense poems.

He wears a blue colour shirt with dark blue blossom prints and a yellowish undershirt, brown belt, dark peri winkle trousers with blue cuffs, as well brown shoes. Boxer always beats motu and patlu in videos, but at the same time, he ready to help them or helps them with the problems. Occasionally he wears a black blouse with jeans. His boxing trainer is Mr. Boxer would like to help his acquaintances but gets mad and ends up beating them up instead. Jhatka is an eccentric scientist.

In specific older episodes that he had been revealed as a dental practitioner. His creations are ordinarily quite striking but are of little use to the townspeople. Frequently gets somebody in trouble. He takes a yellow flying Autocar.

Jhatka is a fatty man who always makes some modern gadgets and trail them on motu and patlu; sometimes, they get in trouble by dr jhatka devices. This frequently results in him getting conquered from Motu and Patlu. He is a Bengali; He is also from Ghatal, who came from west bengali.

Like Dr. Motu owes him or even promises him free samosas if he frees him from different residents, Furfuri Nagar or a modern city. Once he came to understand these are less capable as he had thought, he got upset together and fired them from law enforcement.

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It means you are the only hope of India or you are the greatest hope of India. Pheri Lal is a hawaldar of inspector chingum and helps him to catch criminals as well he also helps motu and paltu to get rid of problems. Motu could be vexatious for her overly occasionally and owes her a little money. She wears a green sari on a dark red blouse.

He is the mayor of modern city and wears a coat and a white shirt with the coat coloured Pant. Johnny is a big brother of john the don who is also a thief and looked very richer more than john.

Motu Patlu Movie Song - Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi! - Hit Song

In motu patlu cartoons he seen to be arrested by CBI. Virus is a scientist; He always discovers something for John. He asks for cash from John, but John anyhow fools him and makes him run away. Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoons. Motu Patlu. Motu Patlu Ki Jodi. Chingum Sir.

patlu patlu ki jodi video song

Chingam Sir. John The Don.It was first aired on 16 Octoberwith the episode " John Banega Don ". The series is based on the comic characters of the same name from the children's magazine Lotpot.

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It is very often referred to as anime. Inspired from the characters of Lot Pot Comics and SeriesMotu Patlu is a lively comic caper for kids as well as the entire family. The series follows the daily adventures of best friends Motu and Patluwho live in the town of Furfuri Nagar. They often land in crazy and comedic situations.

Motu sometimes creates problems, and Patlu is the one who mostly solves them. The main antagonist in the show is a criminal named John and his sidekicks Number 1 and Number 2 who steal things, most people's money and create havoc in Furfuri Nagar. It is always up to Motu, Patlu, and their friends to stop them. The series's original language is Hindi and it has been dubbed into Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Indonesian, Sinhala, Vietnamese, and English, with English getting dubbed twice due to the first run only having dubbed seven episodes.

A Spanish dub is currently in the works. The Bengali dubbed episodes that are very rare. Online, many episodes have English, Spanish, and French subtitles available. Since the inception of the television series, its creators Lotpot magazine, Maya Digital Studios, and Nickelodeon India are aggressively promoting its merchandising, the series products, and tie-ups.

In MarchNick India tied up with the Yellow Diamond chips brand for the promotion of its products across various media. Click here to see the page about this topic. Inthe film was on Netflix ; it isn't available on the site anymore.

Popular meme YouTubers in that time like Whip also reacted to the movie on Netflix. The other 23 movies were shown on TV, or were on the Wow Kidz channel. Inspector Chingum was released on Amazon Prime Video with 2 seasons. Wow Kidz was founded in by Cosmos Maya. This information can be found in the "About" page on the Wow Kidz channel. They have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page. Production of Motu Patlu started in by Cosmos Maya. The first two seasons were done.

Season 3 started inalong with Season 4.

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The list comes from Motu Patlu's Wikipedia Page. Motu Patlu has been the subject of controversy. Many kids are reported to be addicted to the show, and due to its defiance of physics, kids have tried to imitate the characters by doing dangerous actions, such as jumping into pools, because of the impression that they were near-invincible like the characters in the show.

It has been reported that some kids have also started to eat more samosas to gain strength despite the fact that samosas are considered as junk food.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It is one of the most popular kids shows in India and is very popular in South Asia in general.Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business.

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Motu Patlu

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patlu patlu ki jodi video song

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