Projector instead of tv in bedroom

Plasma TVs vs. Let us assure you, in the flat screen vs projector showdown, the projector wins with a knockout. When you compare a projector and TV with similar specs, the projector easily provides just as clear and crisp an image as the TV.

However, the projector's image will be double, triple or quadruple the sizemaking those lifelike colors and sharp details even more noticeable. Imagine the look on your friends' and neighbors' faces when they see the glorious inch HD display in your living room and realize they paid just as much, if not more for their puny 65 inch flat screen tv.

It's like experiencing the majesty of the Grand Canyon through magazine photographs vs actually standing on the precipice of the South Rim - the level of awesomeness and immersion you feel is truly difficult to express using words alone. Tip: Make sure your projector is bright enough for your environment.

Dedicated home theaters with no windows can support a 1,lumen projector. Rooms with some windows should have a projector 2, lumens or higher or use a higher gain screen. Curious about which projectors would be best to replace your current flat screen? Here are our customers' top picks. Room with 65" inch flatscreen TV.

Same room with " projection screen. As large as inches diagonally. If buyers purchase a screenthey usually opt for a inch model for their home theater. Projectors are able to create the largest images by far. A projector's screen size is also adjustable and can be changed to fit your environment. Flat screen TVs peak at about inches. Home theater projectors weigh between five and 20 lbs. They can typically be shipped for less than most flat screen TVs.

Due to their fragile nature, flat screens are usually more expensive to ship.

Xiaomi 4K laser projector on ALR PET Crystal screen

TVs in general are much harder to move from room to room. It is usually a two-person operation. Because they are cheaper, easier and safer to transport, projectors are like movie theaters with a handle. Not required.

But if you do install your projector, you'll find it's as simple as setting up a ceiling fan. Projectors can be removed from an installed location and used in another room, or even outdoors.

Projectors are easier to install than plasma TVs. Once installed, projectors can still be moved from room to room and house to house.Or, you can opt for a projector and screen to fully maximize your viewing experience.

Indeed, both options have their pros and cons, and there are specific scenarios where one would be a better pick over the other. TVs were once woefully behind projectors in terms of size, but the gap is much closer these days. Affordable projection screens tend to start around inches, though, and you can get a decent projector with solid brightness, good color reproduction, and even 4K resolution for a lot less than a high-end 4K UHD TV.

So, while TVs are on the move, projectors are still, by a very wide margin, the most cost-effective way to get a mondo-sized screen.

High brightness drives up projector costs in a hurry, though. Because projectors bounce light off a screen, their actual brightness winds up being much lower once it hits your eyes. Contrast is determined by a combination of black levels and brightness. But high-performance 4K HDR projectors? The best 4K TVs can produce a wider color gamut than most consumer projectors can at this point, but projectors are very close. If we look exclusively at price-to-performance, TVs come out on top.

The short answer is that TVs are easier to install. Should you need an installer, their job will be quick and cheap. Projectors can be complicated, requiring more planning and effort to install — although short-throw projectors make it a little easier.

The first issue is your screen. Will you be painting a wall, setting up a free-standing screen, or opting for a motorized screen that will need to be attached to your ceiling or wall? The latest laser projectors can sit even closer — often less than 10 inches from the wall — and come equipped with their own built-in soundbarsfurther narrowing the installation-difficulty gap.

TVs are the better choice here, and for one simple reason: TVs actually have speakers, and sometimes decent ones at that. External speakerssubwoofersand soundbars all exist for a reason. Many TVs will give you OK sound right out of the box, but their primary role is video. Still, comparing just TVs and projectors, external speakers are almost always a requirement for projectors, while a high-quality TV can handle basic audio needs on its own.Projectors have gone through a number of changes lately, while most people still associate projectors with movie theaters or large conference rooms.

This is because the majority of the time they are used to display images in large auditoriums or just in front of a large number of people. Times are definitely changing and a lot has to do with the advancements in digital technology. Everything seems to be getting smaller and more compact and that actually is more beneficial as we have become a much more mobile society.

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As we continue to look for different ways to entertain ourselves, there is one thing that really has not changed all that dramatically over the years; the household television. Most American households have at least one television and it can usually be found in the main living space.

This where the family spends most of their evenings watching whatever their favorite shows. While technology has changed what the television may look like, but it still pretty much has remained the same old thing. Times have definitely changed when it comes to how we choose to entertain ourselves in our homes.

It all began when home theater systems started popping up in homes of well to do. Many of these lavish rooms would include a projector, a large movie screen and elaborate theater-style seating that was all designed to mimic a typical movie theater experience. Unfortunately, this type of setup is rather costly and would involve a major amount of renovation to an existing house or a lot of planning for a new construction project.

Not to mention the projection equipment used in a typical home theater system will normally set you back quite a bit of money due to the technology built into the machine. When home theater first became popular several years ago it was used mostly for watching movies after they were longer showing at the local movie theater. The large screen beefed up the sound system and the ultra-comfortable seating, the experience could actually rival that of a typical movie theater.

The next big thing to hit home theater was pay per view sporting events and other high profile sports games. The large screen really made watching football, basketball, baseball and even auto racing really looked great on the big and sitting back in the ultra comfortable seating.

Home theater has now reached saturation and is now being fully used for all levels of entertainment. Households are now simply streaming everything that they watch via a high end digital media.

While the basic concept of projectors remains unchanged since the beginning of their existence, the projector has seen a number of innovation in how they can be used. They once were used primarily as a business or commercial device, there is a bit of a shift in the way they are being used today.We may earn a commission if you purchase through our links.

With the advancement of technology each day, people are going for performance and ease of use on electronics. Many people are projectors over televisions due to the great features and the advanced system it comes with to enjoy their entertainment. Projectors are giving people more options for entertainment like watching movies, viewing photos, listening to music, playing games, using for business presentations and many others. Some of these factors are very important to people and hence go for the projectors.

Here we are going to look at some of the factors that make people go for projectors over TV sets. There is no way you carry your TV on the backpack and take it wherever you want, but it is much different from the projectors. It is much easier to carry your projector anywhere you and enjoys your games and movies. When you go camping with friends, you will not be bored at all as you only bring it in your bag and set it up within minutes of which is not the case with the TV.

When tired of watching indoors, you take it at the backyard and watch your favorite program with friends easily without much straining. This all due to the portability features the projectors come with that lack in the TV set. With kids and pets at home, you have to be extra careful with the way electronics are placed ad handled.

Projector vs TV: Which is Best For You?

When having your TV set at home and placed right on top of the TV stand, there is a high chance that the children will knock it off while playing or even your cat may jump on top of it and knock it down. To avoid this inconveniences, the projectors become more suitable to have at home as they are installed beyond kids and pets reach.

projector instead of tv in bedroom

Since the projectors are mounted on the walls or ceilingthere is no way it may be knocked down. Though many people enjoy watching movies differently, that does not mean that they prefer to have squeezed content to watch.

The TV movies are incredibly good already but taking it to another level of viewing is even more breathtaking and impressive.

Why You Should Go For a Projector Instead of a TV (In-Depth Research)

When watching movies with the projector on the screen, you have a chance to adjust it to the right position and size you would like which is not possible with your TV. The projector brings you the true home theatre experience with significant projector screen capability. Watching movies that are beyond inches, the images become more vivid and bright and lifelike. The price range of your TV and a projector may be the same or one may be slightly higher than the other.

This may be a big issue, especially when checking on the budget. But it is also good to understand the quality of the performance and the benefits the TV and the projector has.

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Some projectors can be very expensive while others very cheap, which makes then better is the features they have and the performance they hold. The image quality of the projector is incredible and may not be compared to that of the TV in any way. This is als0o because they have a large image and very clear and color and white brightness are very well balanced giving out striking images and video that surpasses that of the TV.

Therefore, when going on the TV and projector, you may decide to get an expensive projector to enjoy more quality content and leave a cheaper TV behind.

The projector can be used in numerous ways without interference with the other. You may decide to use your projector for business presentations, movies, shows, games, and also for music and photos. The different use of the projector is what makes it better than using the TV at home.

The capability of the projector to have multiple uses is incredible making it surpass the TV use at homes in a very great margin. The more an electronic is excellent in its performance, the more it is in demand to meet the need of the people. As more people know of the use of the projector at home the fewer people use the TV set at homes.

projector instead of tv in bedroom

There are different types of games today, and each game will play well depending on the type of device it is played on like the pc or the PlayStation. There is no way you are able to play games on your TV with pads, but that is different from the projector. When you decide to go for a projector over TVs for your gaming, you are at a better position to enjoy your gaming and others than those with TV sets.

It only takes a moment to set.I never wanted a TV in my bedroom to begin with, but when you get married, you have to make compromises.

Initially, my husband and I would use our computers to watch shows or movies before bed on Netflix or Hulu. But after a while, the annoyances started to build up. Getting another TV would mean another significant purchase, paying an additional fee for cable on the second TV, and trying to find a place to put the TV in our already cluttered bedroom in a small New York City apartment.

For months, we kept going back and forth — hesitant to buy another TV for our bedroom, but anxious to come up with a solution to our increasingly frustrating situation. Finally, while perusing the internet one day and reading various blogs, I saw a mention of a projector that your iPhone could connect with. Until then, I had thought of projectors as either film reel projectors used in movie theaters and in homes before VHS was invented, or as the clunky things teachers would roll into the classroom during geometry class to draw shapes and angles and project them onto the blackboard.

The only issue was that we had recently hung a gallery wall on the wall I had in mind for the projector.

projector instead of tv in bedroom

After a quick huddle session with my husband and an Amazon search, we discovered that not only were projectors themselves affordable, but so were retractable projector screens. Both the projector and projector screen were incredibly easy to set up. We quickly installed a floating shelf above our bed for the projector to rest on as you can see in the image above.

The primary reasons we opted for a home entertainment projector in our bedroom instead of a TV are as follows:. In fact, at some point we may even swap out the TV in our living room for a high quality 4K home theater projector. Advance projector search. The Solution Was a Projector Finally, while perusing the internet one day and reading various blogs, I saw a mention of a projector that your iPhone could connect with.

Why the Projector Won Out Over a TV The primary reasons we opted for a home entertainment projector in our bedroom instead of a TV are as follows: We rarely watch live television: As technology has advanced, and live television viewing has significantly decreased, the need for cable or network channels in every room of the house has been more or less eliminated.

We watch the majority of our television through on demand subscription services like Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime. All of these are easily accessible either through a smart phone or computer, both of which can easily be hooked up to a projector.

projector instead of tv in bedroom

We hung our projector screen above our gallery wall and only pull it down when we are ready to watch something. This is definitely still on the lower end of the price and quality range of home theater projectors but would serve our purposes extremely well. Laying in bed while watching a show is in itself a treat, but using a projector takes it to a whole other level.I am more of a movie person rather than a current news person.

The Great Screen Debate: TV vs. Projector

I always enjoy my movie series or shows on Netflix under the warmth of my beddings. I have always used a computer since I perceived theater projectors to be old-fashioned appliances, which were in use prior to the invention of the VHS, and a preserve of the classroom and the movie theaters. This changed when a friend recommended a projector that could be connected to my iPhone: I am an iPhone fanatic.

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I embarked on some research and I was shocked, there was a wide range of home entertainment projects which were not only affordable, but a phone or computer. I had landed on a solution to my problem: I acquired a film projector and a retractable movie projector screen, which were not only affordable, but very easy to set up.

For home entertainment, we often want to go big on the home theater, but what is the cost implication? The main fight has always been, to acquire a very large TV or a film projector and a movie projector screen. Over the years, manufacturers have developed affordable film projectors, which are brighter and produce excellent picture quality. The TVs have not lagged behind, they are larger, brighter, and offer sharper images, thanks to the 4K resolution with HDR technology.

Making a decision on what to settle for is a real battle, which goes beyond quality to other critical attributes such as space, value for money per inch of picture, and movie experience.

Space Unless one is a celebrity, most of us have manageable space in their bedrooms; however, that should not curtail their fun. Film projectors come in handy in congested tiny spaces. A TV needs floor space: you either have to mount it on a wall or on a stand, making it a focal point in the room. A theater projector is far much smaller and one can either use a blank wall as the screen or buy a retractable movie projector screen, which eliminates the need for a blank wall.

The retractable movie projector screen can be pulled over objects on the wall or mounted on the ceiling and serve as a makeshift room separator. There are just numerous creative ways of using the retractable movie projector screen unlike the TV, making it a dear to many. Customers always want a product that offers the highest value for money.

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In the fight of the TV versus the film projector, how much per inch of picture and the quality of the picture are critical components. The modern TV comes in different sizes, one can get an inch TV, but at a fortune. This is where the film projector won the battle: one can get a decent and affordable film projector of inches. However, in terms of cost, one can get a decent projector which boasts of solid brightness, a good color reproduction, and 4K resolution with a far much lower budget than what a 4K UHD TV would cost.But where to start?

Chris Heinonen, the audio visual staff writer at The WirecutterThe New York Times site for evaluating products, has tested all the options. Could I realistically substitute a projector for a flat panel TV and be happy?

It depends on how you watch. How do projectors compare in price? Projectors wash out badly with ambient light, unless you have a screen designed to prevent that, but they can cost more than a projector.

We have a guide to those as well. If there is any light in the room, it will wash out the black on a projector. What do you recommend for a living room? It is really bright, runs quietly, and it is much more accurate for colors than many of its competitors.

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The more expensive models from BenQ offer slightly better image quality, but not enough to justify the price increase. And if I do convert my basement to a theater? It also has very accurate colors.

As a result, the image just pops off the screen. How did you test these things? The testing room is in my house. It was a bit of a requirement when we went home buying last year. I have a completely light-sealed testing room, with a inch screen. I installed a blackout roller shade in the window, put up trim pieces on the sides of it to cut off any extra light, and then covered the window on the door. I really need to replace it with a windowless one. I do a lot of measurements on the projectors with devices that gauge their brightness, the accuracy of the colors, and even how well they play video games.

Projectors vs. TVs: Which is best for your home theater?

Those are the hardest things to display well. Did you get big comfy chairs, too? I actually used to have home theater chairs that reclined, but I found them to be annoying in the end since it meant my wife and I were in separate chairs watching a movie. Home Page World Coronavirus U.

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